Thursday, 30 August 2007

Tremelo 8

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1. Cosmicdust - Meditation (CD-R) This is probably my favorite album at the moment. It’s been getting some serious hammer on the i-pod all week. “Snow Noise Assemblage” is the title and you’re life is incomplete without it, unfortunately it seems quite tricky to find. I’ll try to find out if there are any plans afoot to re-issue it in any form and if not I may well post the entier album here.
2. The High Violets - Cool Green (Reverb) From the album “To Where You Are”. buy here) The High Violets will be releasing a remix album in November through Reverb Records which will feature remixes of tracks from both “To Where You Are” and their previous album “44 Down”.
3. Jatun - Ghost & Grey (Other Electricities) First track from the self titled debut album. Buy Here
4. Flat 7 - Smile (Robin Guthrie Remix) From the album “Lost In Blue”. Buy Here
5. The Twilight Sad - Walking For Two Hours (Fat Cat) From the album “Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters”. Buy Here
6. Taumsauk - Levdon Hamps (Self Released) From the “Taumsauk ep”
7. Luhn - Solarfoam () Another track from the Split ep which Luhn shares with Alexander Berntsen.
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8. Lights Out Asia - (n5MD) From the new album “Tanks & Recognizers”. Buy Here
9. Hearts Of Black Science - Walking With The Sun (Club AC30) From the album “The Ghost You Left Behind” Buy Here
10. Safeashome - Grid (Safranin Sound)

Friday, 24 August 2007

Grouper - Cover The Windows & The Walls

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This is the latest album by Portland's favorite daughter Liz Harris and her rather wonderful Grouper. It was only released a couple of months ago but thanks to there only been a few hundred copies, all of which on lovely vinyl it is already almost impossible to find.

This is actually the third Grouper album and as far as I'm concerned the best by far.

I've ripped these files directly from the vinyl and there is a little bit of surface noise at times (the pressing, not my lack of care) but Personally I think it just adds to the atmosphere.

1. Cover The Windows and The Walls
2. Opened Space
3. Down To The Ocean
4. Heart Current
5. It Feels Alright
6. You Never Came
7. Follow In Our Dreams

Monday, 20 August 2007

Tremelo 7

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1. Condor 44 - Visionary Town () Taken from the album “db”.
2. Jessamine - Ordinary Sleep (Kranky) Taken from the bands 1997 debut album.
3. Youngteammusic - Your Love (Northern Star) All the way from Stockholm, Sweden. This comes from what I think was the bands debut release, a seven track album called “Missnobandjet”. Their my space page has some new tracks on it which will apparently form part of a new album called “Vulcanhaircut”. Buy Here
4. Grouper - Heart Current (Root Strata) As promised last week here’s a track from the latest Grouper Offering “Cover The Windows & The Walls”. I’m not entierly sure but I think I’m correct in saying this release is on vinyl only and limited to 300 and has sold out. I will check this out over the next week or so and if there is no prospect of any more copies becoming avaliable I may well post the entire album on this site.
5. Thrushes - Wake Up (Birdnote) Another track from the brilliant album “Sun Come Undone”. Buy Here
6. Epic 45 - The Stars In Spring (Make Mine Music) Taken from the album “May Your Heart Be The Map”. Buy Here
7. The Nova Saints - The Draft (HR4 Records) This is the title track from the Bristol bands latest ep. Apparently they originally hail from Hereford and if they had decided to stay there would have been the first time I had heard a decent band from Hereford (only kidding….honest). Buy Here
8. Elika - You’re Not Safe At All () Taken from the album “Elika” Buy Here
9. Screen Vinyl Image - The Midnight Sun (Safranin Sound) Taken from "The Midnight Sun" ep. Buy Here
10. The Telescopes - Another Sky (Hungry Audio) Taken from the "Hungry Audio Tapes" CD, which is the best thing they've put out for ages. There's also a re-worked version of "The Perfect Needle" on there which I'll probably post at some point. Buy Here

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tremelo 6

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1. Stillgazer - Somehow (Slowspinners) Taken from the “Stillgazer EP”.
2. Amusement Parks On Fire - Blackout (V2) From the brilliant album “Out Of The Angels”. Buy Here
3. Grouper - Tried (Type Records) Very nice 7″ single from Liz Harris and friends. The album “Cover The Windows & The Walls” is also well worth tracking down. If I remember I’ll stick a track in next weeks download. Buy Here
4. Grimble Grumble - Wish Song (Pehr) Taken from the 2004 album “Leaves Ladder”.
5. Alcian Blue - Spiral (Safranin Sound) This track comes from what is sadly the very last Alcian Blue release. Buy Here
6. She, Sir - I Love You Blowtorch Eyes (She, Sir) I know I played a track from this last week but the truth of the matter is I just can't leave this album alone. Buy Here
7. Manual - Marbella (Darla) From the new album "Lost Days, Open Skies and Streaming Tides" which comes as a very nice 2cd set containing loads of rarities, remixes and unreleased stuff recorded between 2002 and now. Buy Here
8. Luhn - Myriad () This comes from a split ep which Luhn (Ryan Welfle) shares with Alexander Berntsen. The whole ep is free to download and can be found Here
9. The Voices - I’ll Always Be Within You When There’s No-One Left Inside (My Kung Fu) Taken from the 2007 album "The Sound Of Young America".
10. Jesu - Sun Down (Aurora Boraelis) Released a few months ago but already pretty much sold out. This is side 1 of the "Sun Down/Sun Rise" ep in all of it's seventeen and a half minute glory.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Tremelo 5

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1. Echodrone - Here We Are (Isomer) New single from the Oakland band. Buy Here
2. She, Sir - Lieutenant (She, Sir) Taken from the brilliant 7 track EP "Who Can't Say Yes".Buy Here
3. Ceremony - I Heard You Call My Name (Safranin Sound) Track from the new album, which is as yet untitled and will hopefully be released later in the year. Their first self-titled cd was released a couple of years ago and if that was anything to go by we await the new stuff with baited ears. You can purchase their first album here.
4. A Shoreline Dream - Saturday Morning (Filter Private) Taken from the album "Avoiding The Consequences" Buy Here
5. Southpacific - Soundbarrier (Turnbuckle) Taken from the 1998 ep "33".
6. My Majestic Star - Several Moments Later (Hidden Shoal) Taken from last years "Fining" ep. Buy Here.
7. Sway - Days Are Long (Clairs Echo) This comes from the new "Winter Heart" ep which I'm delighted to inform you is only avaliable on vinyl. Am I the only one around here who still thinks music sounds better when it comes from a delicious 12" slab of plastic. Nice. Buy Here
8. The Antiques - Brown Balloons (Safranin Sound) Taken from the album "Sewn with Stitches". Buy Here
9. Eskimo Hunter - Walking Tour Of Space 90013 () Taken from the 2005 album "Musical Snowglobe Machine". Buy Here
10. My Bloody Valentine - Map Reference 41N 93W (WMO) When NW Shoegazer told me Vibrato 2 was going to be full of cover versions I felt pretty sure this track would be in there somewhere. However it's non inclusion gives me the perfect excuse to put it up here. By the way if you have not downloaded Vibrato 2 yet then I recommend you do. The highlight without doubt is the Trespassers William version of Vapor Trail. Gorgeous is the only word I can think of......

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Ride - Coming Up For Air

Bit of a curiosity this. It was recorded in 2002 with the intention of being used as a soundtrack to a Channel 4 music documentary called Pioneers. For one reason or another the music was never used so the band pressed up 1000 copies and released it as a limited edition EP the following year.

Ride - Coming Up For Air

1. Soundcheck 1
2. Soundcheck 2
3. Performance